Stair Nosings Information Website for Australian Consumers 2013.

What are stair nosings:

Stair nosings are profiled strips of material (commonly: aluminium, rubber, aluminium oxide grain surface, fibre reinforced plastics) that are fitted on the edge of steps. They should span the full width of the step and should provide an anti slip/ grip function to step edges. They should also provide luminance contrast between step edge and surrounding step surfaces. Step nosings will function to protect the step edges from damage also.

Types of stair nosings:

The most suitable type of stair nosings for a given environment will generally be influenced by the following factors: level of anti slip function required, frequency of pedestrian traffic, color of steps, type and class of establishment, owners/ architects aesthetic preferences, and budget. Three main types of stair nosings used include (supplied by TGSI Pty Ltd): Heavy duty FRP gritted industrial nosing (eg.Super Grip Industrial), Aluminium nosing with PVC or aluminium oxide insert (eg. Step Keeper, Safety Step 50), or 100 % rubber nosing (eg. RB Step Ace).

Images of stair nosings:

stair nosings installed onto step edges

high Grip stair nosings for industrial plants, mining sites, factory steps

anti slip grip step nosings on wooden steps office staor case


The above images show Step Keeper Stair nosings, Safety Step 50 stair nosing and Super Grip Industrial FRP gritted Stair nosings. Supplied and installed by TGSI Pty Ltd.

How to install stair nosings:

The method used to fix stair nosing depends on the material the steps are made of. In general adhesive only fixation is used for substrates where drilling or screw fixing is not suitable or not desired. For wood based steps screw fixation only is an option. In general a combination of screw and adhesive fixation will provide most rigorous fixation of step edging/ stair nosings to step edges. Ultimately, the most appropriate method of fixation will be established by the installer/ builder who has intimate knowledge of the substrate type and condition, aswell as property owners preferences.

Choosing an Australian supplier of stair nosings:

When selecting stair nosing products it is important to ensure that the product has lasting proven performance over time, low/ no maintenance, aesthically pleasing, suitability for use, availability of replacement parts (eg. insert strip replacements, color changes etc.), and of best value possible. Stair nosing Manufacturer TGSI Pty Ltd provides stair nosing products that conform with all of these characteristics. TGSI Pty Ltd is an Australia wide supplier, that supplies direct to customers without the need to purchase through distributers etc.